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Houston, Tx

Author: Tony Hernandez

League City

Roof Replacement – League City, TX

An aging roof and resale value were the top considerations for this homeowner who was looking to sell soon. So, we provided a free inspection and ended up performing a complete roof replacement.


Insurance Claim Roof Repair – Houston, TX

After a free roof inspection, we were able to find significant enough damage to warrant a roof repair, all of which was covered by the homeowner’s insurance.


Insurance Claim Roof Leak/Roof Replacement – Houston, TX

This was a rewarding project to oversee. Originally, we came onsite to inspect the house for a roof leak. Upon establishing the source of the leak, we worked with the homeowner to get through the claims process. Ultimately, the insurance covered a full roof replacemen


Roof Replacement – Houston, TX

We completed a full roof replacement for this homeowner based on noticeable wear from the roof’s old age, which gave this mid century modern home a lovely face lift.


Roof Replacement – Houston, TX

Age-related roof replacement in Houston, Texas. Client went with GAF pewter gray shingles for a clean and classy look.